Directory Sync

The Directory Sync add-on is compatible with the LDAP Premium plugin and enables you to import users from the LDAP Server/Active Directory to your Joomla site. On importing users to your Joomla site, the details of your users are stored in the LDAP Server/Active Directory imported into your Joomla site.

  • New users are created on the Joomla site if they are not already present.
  • If a user already exists on the Joomla site, his details are updated.
  • The user profile is updated every time a sync happens.
  • LDAP Server/Active Directory user groups are mapped to Joomla user groups.

To sync your users from the LDAP Server/Active Directory, click on the ‘Import Users’ button.

Directory Sync to import users from LDAP Server/Active Directory to Joomla