Remember My Device

Follow below steps:
  • Search miniOrange 2-Factor plugin and Click on Premium Options tab.

    Click on premium options tab

  • In the Premium Option, tab search Enable Remember Device feature and just Enabled the checkbox of Enable Remember Device feature.
    In this we provided two options:
    • Give Users an option to enable Remember Device:

      In this during 2-Factor Login pop-up, after enabling this option user gets logged in to there account without a username, password, and 2-Factor.

    • Silently enabled ‘Remember Device’:

      With this does not ask for permission to the user to remember device. After enabling this option, Once you enter your credentials and gets a login to your account, while login for second time user will not ask for username, password, 2-Factor user gets logged in to there account silently.

    Enable remember device

  • Click on Save Settings.

    save settings

    User Experience

    remember device promt