Steps to setup miniOrange Soft token

  • Click on the miniOrange 2-factor plugin visible in the menu to the left.

    Click on miniOrange-2fa plugin

  • You can see the list of Methods of Authentication here. Click on the Configure button beneath the miniOrange Soft Token method.

    miniOrange soft token

  • Go to the Google Play Store or the Appstore and install the miniOrange authenticator app, after successful installation of the miniOrange authenticator app, click on the Configure your phone button.

    click on configure button

    miniOrange-authenticator app


  • Scan the given QR code with a miniOrange Authenticator app.

    scan QR code with app

  • After this configuration, the miniOrange Soft Token is invoked as a two-factor method. To confirm your identity, enter the authentication token shown in the app and tap the validate button.


  • Now your account is secure and only after verification will you be able to login.