Request a 7-Day Trial

We provide a 7-day full-featured trial to help you evaluate all the premium features of our module. To initiate the trial request, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Login with your miniOrange account. Scroll down and click on Request 7 Days Trial button.
    Drupal 2fa base

  • Choose the two-factor authentication methods that interest you. Enter any specific usecases or requirements you may have in the field below and then click the Submit button.
    Drupal 2FA

  • Once you have submitted the request, we will contact you shortly with further guidelines.

The module has been successfully securing user identities on 500+ Drupal sites. We have also catered to multiple custom 2FA requirements of our customers here.

You can view some of our unique case studies and solutions here.

We at miniorange are concerned with our customer’s satisfaction and fulfilling the use case requirements. We would be glad to schedule an online meeting to discuss your use case requirements and provide you with live demonstration of the module as well. If interested, reach out to us at