Group Based Restrictions

Follow the below steps to configure Group Based Restrictions in miniOrange's Enhance API Security for REST APIs with the OAuth/API Token add-on.

Restrict Access to APIs -

This feature allows you to limit API access to only the groups you have configured. Any users who are not part of the configured groups will be unable to access the APIs even if they are part of the read only access groups.

Enable read-only access -

Users present in the “Read-only” groups would only be able to perform read operations via APIs. This can be used to limit the capability of making GET requests to a certain set of users. If you have enabled restricting access to API features and the group you have configured for read-only access is configured there, then the users won't be able to access the Rest API’s. This feature is a subset of the Restrict Access to API feature.

miniOrange REST API Group Based Restriction

IP-based restrictions

You can allow users to make API requests only from certain IP addresses. This is particularly useful when you want to restrict the API access to a certain network only. All of the calls made from outside the configured address would be rejected.

miniOrange REST API IP Based Restriction