Key Features of miniOrange DNN SAML 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO) Plugin –

  • Single Set of Credentials - The DNN SAML 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO) plugin enables you to use the same set of credentials used for logging in to your IdP to log in to your DNN sites as well such that once you sign into your IdP, you also sign-in into your DNN sites.

  • Auto-Create Users - We provide the feature to Auto-create users on your DNN Site and map their basic attribute values after authenticating with the identity provider.

  • Protect Complete Site - Protect your complete site behind the SSO by enforcing users to access your site only after they authenticate via their IdP for the SSO.

  • Login Widgets/Buttons/Shortcodes - Add a link or button anywhere on your DNN site to allow SSO / authentication via your identity provider to login into your DNN site.

  • Attribute & Role Mapping - Sync/Map user profile attributes from IDP to DNN site user profile fields, and assign roles based on user’s groups in your IDP.

  • Single Logout - Terminate the user's SSO Session on the DNN application as well as your identity provider (IdP) when the user logs out of your DNN Site (SP).

  • Federation Support - Enables you to add the option to allow your users to SSO into your DNN site using their identities stored in the Federated identity providers.

  • Domain Restriction - Allows you to make login to your site if the user is from the registered domains.