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API Documentation

SAML Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is an authentication process that allows a user to login to many integrated Joomla applications using a single Identity (username and password).

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OAuth/OpenID Connect Single Sign-On

OAuth/OpenID Connect (OIDC) Single Sign-On - SSO plugin allows users residing at OAuth Provider to log in / access to your Joomla website.

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Two Factor Authentication (2FA / MFA)

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) plugin provides additional a second layer of authentication to secure your Joomla accounts. You can also configure Passwordless Login based on Email or OTP.

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LDAP Integration with Active Directory and OpenLDAP

LDAP Active Directory (AD) Integration module is an authentication method for your AD/LDAP Server users, allows to access multiple Joomla applications with a single credentials.

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