Joomla LDAP Handbook

MiniOrange Joomla LDAP Integration with Active Directory and OpenLDAP – NTLM & Kerberos Login plugin (Learn More) is an authentication method for your Active Directory/LDAP Server users, allowing them to access multiple Joomla applications with a single set of credentials. With the miniOrange Joomla LDAP plugin, users can log into your Joomla site(s) using their Active Directory/LDAP credentials.

The plugin allows users to authenticate against various LDAP implementations like Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Sun Active Directory, Open LDAP Directory, Jump Cloud, FreeIPA Directory, Synology, Open-DS, and several other LDAP Directory Systems.

The miniOrange Joomla LDAP plugin not only supports user authentication but also user management functions like creating users in Joomla from the Active Directory/LDAP Server if not already present, importing all users from your Active Directory to your Joomla site, auto-logging (NTLM/Kerberos SSO) users in Joomla with their domain credentials and mapping user attribute values after LDAP authentication, group mapping of the user's group from the Active Directory/LDAP Server to Joomla roles, and more.

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Key Features of miniOrange Joomla LDAP Integration with Active Directory and OpenLDAP - NTLM & Kerberos:

  1. Login using LDAP credentials: The plugin enables users to log in to your Joomla site using their Active Directory/LDAP Server credentials.
  2. Auto creates Users: Once a user has successfully authenticated with the Active Directory/LDAP Server credentials they are logged in to the Joomla site and the user is created in the Joomla database.
  3. Attribute Mapping: Maps user profile attributes from the Active Directory/LDAP Server to the Joomla user profile fields upon user authentication.
  4. Group Mapping: Mapping of LDAP groups to your Joomla groups upon user authentication.
  5. Connection with LDAPS: Use LDAP or LDAPS for a secure connection to your LDAP Server.
  6. Multiple Search Bases: Authenticate users against multiple search bases.
  7. Multiple Username Attributes: Authenticates users against multiple user attributes like uid, cn, mail, and sAMAccountName.
  8. Fallback Login: Fallback to the local Joomla password in case LDAP is unreachable.
  9. Kerberos/NTLM Authentication: With the help of the NTLM add-on, your users can log into your Joomla site from domain systems without the need to re-enter the credentials.
  10. User Password Sync: The password sync add-on helps to synchronize the Joomla profile password with your Active Directory/LDAP Server password.
  11. User Profile Sync: The user profile sync add-on synchronizes the Joomla user profiles with the Active Directory/LDAP Server user profile once updated on Joomla's (Active Directory/LDAP Server's) end and vice versa.
  12. Multiple Active Directory Support: Allows users present in multiple Active Directories/LDAP Servers to log into your Joomla site.