LDAP Configuration

To configure the LDAP plugin such that your users present on the Active Directory/LDAP Server can securely authenticate themselves and successfully log in to your Joomla website, follow the following steps:

Connection to Active Directory/LDAP Server

The first step to configuring the plugin is to establish a connection to the Active Directory/LDAP Server by specifying the following:

LDAP connection information to connect to the LDAP Server/Active Directory

To establish a connection with the Active Directory /LDAP Server, the LDAP Server URL, Service Account DN, and the Service Account Password are necessary. You can either fill the data by entering the details or you can import the plugin configuration with the help of the Import/ Export configuration functionality provided in the plugin.

Import / Export Configuration

After filling in the Active Directory/LDAP Server details, click the ‘Test Connection and Save’ button to establish a connection to the LDAP Server.