Two Factor Authentication for Joomla

A Guide for Joomla Two Factor Authentication

How to Protect Your Joomla Users?

  • Joomla Two Factor Authentication is the most effective technique to safeguard your users.

  • Passwords are common; we use them to get access to anything and everything. We started by using a single password for everything, but it wasn't enough, so we started to make our passwords more difficult by mixing numbers, uppercase/lowercase letters, and even unusual characters.

  • Many individuals use password managers to keep track of dozens or hundreds of unique passwords. However, no matter how complicated your password or password management system is, it is sometimes insufficient to prevent account takeover, because all it takes is one simple phishing email or database breach to expose your password. So, since passwords are hard to secure, how can you protect your account?

What is Joomla Two Factor Authentication (2FA)?

  • That’s where two-factor authentication comes in. Using Two Factor Authentication adds another method of identity verification to secure your accounts.

  • By combining your username and password with the second factor your account becomes extremely secure and almost impossible for an attacker to pass through, even if they have your password.

    Joomla 2-Factor Authentication | 2-Step Verification for Joomla

Joomla Two Factor Authentication Made Easy with miniOrange !!!

  • Among the secure methods for a user to control sites, password-protected authentication is used widely because it is easily adopted and has high compatibility in a cost effective manner. miniOrage provides a secure two-factor authentication mechanism plugin for multiple platforms (WordPress, Atlassian, Drupal, Joomla, Magento & Moodle) which adds an extra layer of security to your company’s databases and website. Through these plugins, you will get access to several authentication methods that can restrict the user’s credentials from being shared with anyone, on purpose, or by accident.

  • When the user enters his/her correct username and password they are prompted with a second-factor authentication page, in order to login successfully. We offer 15+ authentication methods which include OTP over Email, OTP over SMS, hardware token, QR code authentication, Google authenticator etc.

Features of miniOrange 2-Factor authentication plugin Joomla:-

  1. You can log in using only username OR password + Two-factor.
  2. All types of phones are supported by SmartPhones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry), Basic Phones, Landlines, etc.
  3. If your phone is lost or stolen or discharged, we offer alternate login methods like OTP Over Email, Backup Codes and Security Questions (KBA).
  4. If your phone is offline, you can use a one-time passcode generated by the app to log in.
  5. We support multiple authentication methods along with their backup methods.
  6. We support Device Identification. If the user selects a remember device then in the next login from the same device, the user will not be prompted for Two Factor. (Coming soon)
  7. It is very difficult to log in to your site from the mobile browser with the second factor enabled. We provide you an option that will convert any authentication method into Security Questions (KBA) on the mobile browsers.