miniOrange User Sync/SCIM allows seamless login into the JIRA, Confluence and other Atlassian applications through Identity Provider.

We support all capable Identity Providers (IdPs) like Microsoft Entra ID (Previously known as Azure AD), Google Apps, Keycloak, Okta, OneLogin, Oracle and many more.

The User & Group Sync app helps you synchronize user and group data from Identity Providers such as AWS, OneLogin, Oracle IDCS, Microsoft Entra ID (Previously known as Azure AD), Okta, G Suite, and many others.

Here are some of the key features of the miniOrange User Sync/SCIM plugin:

  1. Support SCIM into both Atlassian Server and Data Center installation
  2. Compatible with Any SSO App
  3. Real Time Provisioning
  4. Jira Directory Sync
  5. User Groups and Provisioning
  6. Transform username based on regex for Provisioning.
  7. Manual Synchronization
  8. Deactivate the users based on their status in Identity Provider.