User Provisioning Options

This tab will show a list of all specific provisioning options.

User Provisioning Options

The selected directory will be the only one to receive provisioning operations.

Import Users

The purpose of this field is to create a new user via provisioning with the details from the Identity Provider.

Apply Regular expression on username field


Enter the regex and replacement to change the username received from Cloud application. You can capture matching groups using $1$2
Example: To transform to demouser, enter (.)@. as regex and $1 as replacement.
Similarly to transform demo0user to demouser enter (.)0(.) as regex and $1$2 as replacement.

Update Users

A user's attributes (such as Full Name and Email) will be updated based on information received from the provider.

Enable Users

When users are active in Provider, they will be enabled in Jira. Users will be disabled/deleted in Jira if they are inactive in Provider.

Default Project Lead

The username of the person who will replace the project leader who has been deactivated.

Default Component Lead

The username of the user who will replace the deactivated component lead should be entered.

default component