OpenID Discovery Document

A Discovery Document is a page within an OpenID Connect Provider that describes the configurations of the provider such that the client can use this document to successfully authenticate against the provider and access the protected resources on behalf of the user.
MiniOrange OAuth Server provides such a document wherein all the important configurations are listed. This document is also compliant to the latest OpenID Connect Discovery Document Specifications.


You can find the document on this: /wp-json/moserver/<client-id>/.well-known/openid-configuration

Supported Metadata And their Meaning

  • request_parameter_supported: Denotes the support for request parameter.
  • claims_parameter_supported: Denotes the support for claims parameter.
  • issuer: URL using the https scheme with no query or fragment component. This value MUST be identical to the iss Claim value in ID Tokens issued from the server.
  • authorization_endpoint: URL of the Authorization endpoint.
  • token_endpoint: URL of the Token exchange endpoint.
  • userinfo_endpoint: URL of the User Info endpoint.
  • scopes_supported: List (JSON Array) of the scopes supported by the OAuth/OpenID Server
  • id_token_signing_alg_values_supported: List (JSON Array) containing a list of the JWS signing algorithms (alg claim values) supported by the OP for the ID Token to encode the Claims in a JWT.
  • response_types_supported: List (JSON Array) of the values of response_type parameter, supported by the OAuth/OpenID Server.
  • jwks_uri: URL of the OAuth/OpenID server's JSON Web Keyset document. This contains the signing key(s) that the client uses to validate signatures from the Server.
  • grant_types_supported: List (JSON Array) of the values of grant_type parameter, supported by the OAuth/OpenID Server.
  • subject_types_supported: List (JSON Array) containing a list of the Subject Identifier types that the OAuth/OpenID Server supports.

You can always read more about the Discovery Docuement and its uses in the Specifications.