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Atlassian Products

All the detailed documentation about Atlassian product are just a search away

API Documentation

SAML Single Sign On

SAML Single Sign On enable seamless login experience to your Atlassian applications using any Identity Provider (IdP).

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OAuth/OpenID Connect

OAuth 2.0/OpenID SSO enable seamless login experience to your Atlassian applications using any Identity Provider (IdP).

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Crowd SSO Connector

Crowd SSO Connector allows users to sign into Crowd Server and Data Center with any Identity Provider (IdP).

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Rest API Access

Rest API Access enable seamless authentication to Jira, Confluence APIs using any third party.

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Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication provides easy to use 2-factor authentication for secure login to your Atlassian applications.

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Kerberos/NTLM Window SSO

Kerberos/NTLM window SSO enables SSO into Atlassian apps with desktop credentials using Kerberos/NTLM Authentication.

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User and Group Sync

User & Group Sync app helps you synchronize all user and group information from providers such as Azure AD, Okta and G Suite with Jira.

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Git Authentication

Git Authentication let you use your Identity Provider credentials to login into Bitbucket account from any Git Client like SourceTree, GitKraken, etc.

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Bulk User Management

Bulk User Management acts as a License & User deactivator by deactivating inactive users, bulk delete,bulk activate & deactivate users.

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Secure Share

Secure Share/External Share allows you to share your Jira issues and Confluence pages even with non-Jira/Confluence users/external users with added extra security layer.

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Word & PDF Exporter

Jira PDF Exporter & Word Exporter allows you to better export Jira issues or tickets of Jira project in PDF and word document format.

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Web Authentication allows you to login into your atlassian application using your device credentials (e.g Pin, Fingerprint, etc).

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Advance SSO

Advance SSO for Datacenter plugin enhance Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities and user experience of the Atlassian's build-in SSO option.

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Advanced Password Policy Manager

Password Policy Manager in Data Center helps to configure password policies for securing user accounts using advanced features.

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SonarQube SAML SSO

SonarQube SAML Single Sign On (SSO) works with any Identity Providers (IDP). SonarQube SSO has advanced User Profile & Group Mapping.

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Jenkins SAML SSO

Jenkins SAML SSO/Single Sign-On allows users to sign into Jenkins with SAML capable Identity Provider (IdP) using Jenkins SAML Single Sign-On plugin.

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Centralized License Manager

Centralized License Manager manage your plugin licenses: Know your license expiry date, license status. Plan your purchases and keep track of your plugin licenses in just one page.

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LDAP Connector

Configure your Atlassian Access Service Provider (SP) details here for integrating the Atlassian Access with the add-on.

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SSO Integration with Helpdesks

SSO integration with help desks like Jira Service Management previously known as Jira Service Desk.

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Custom user profile attributes

Enhance the Jira user profile by customizing attributes of the user-and-group-syncs.

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Project Configuration Manager

Project Configuration Manager for Jira app, gives the ability to export the project configuration in JSON file format.

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SCIM user provisioning for Jira Cloud

User & Group Sync app for Jira Cloud helps you synchronize all user and group information from Identity Providers.

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PDF/Word Exporter Cloud

PDF/Word Exporter Cloud plugin provides easy, quick and better way to export issues/tickets from any Project in standard business documents file formats like PDF and Word document .

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