Passwordless Login to Confluence using Windows hello, Touch ID, FaceID, FIDO2/ Yubikey Security key, or biometrics using WebAuthn. Web Authentication API (WebAuthn) allows users to login into Confluence using the system's built-in authentication like Windows hello, Apple touch ID, Security key, or biometrics authentication using WebAuthn.

Our product WebAuthn is available for Atlassian Server and Atlassian Data Center products.

WebAuthn Data Center supported products are - WebAuthn for Jira | WebAuthn for Confluence | WebAuthn for Bitbucket and many more are available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Setup Guides for WebAuthn


You can check our setup guidelines for Jira WebAuthn on this page.


You can check our setup guidelines for Confluence WebAuthn on this page.


You can check our setup guidelines for Bitbucket WebAuthn on this page.