SAML IDP 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO) - SAML Identity Provider module provides a centralized identity and allows users residing in the Drupal site to log in to the SAML-compliant Service Providers.

Consider a scenario where the user base is stored on a Drupal site and you wish to allow them to login into other application using the Drupal site credentials. Also, you wish to skip authentication if the user is already logged in on the Drupal site (centralized identity). This can be achieved by installing the SAML IDP module on your Drupal site and configuring it with other applications.

This handbook will guide you through and make your Drupal site, an Identity provider. It will also walk you through the advanced features of the module.

Here are some of the key features of SAML IDP SSO module:

  • Single Sign On.
  • Multiple SPs Supported.
  • Single Logout.
  • IDP initiated SSO.
  • Custom Attribute Mapping.
  • Import / Export Configurations.