Multiple OAuth Provider

  • Users may authenticate and log in to your Joomla website using a variety of OAuth providers due to support for multiple OAuth providers. OAuth (Open authorisation) enables users to give access to their data from one website or application to another without disclosing their login details.It indicates it is able to connect to and perform authentication with a variety of well-known OAuth service providers, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, and others. Due to the plugin's handling of the interface with these OAuth providers, users may log in more simply using their pre-existing credentials on other platforms despite Each OAuth provider offering a different authentication method and API.

    For example, After installing our miniOrange Joomla OAuth CLient plugin, it display a login screen where users can choose to log in using their Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts instead of creating a separate account on the Joomla website. The plugin handles the OAuth flow, requesting authorization from the chosen provider and exchanging tokens, allowing the user to log in securely.

By supporting multiple OAuth providers, miniOrange plugins provide flexibility to website administrators and users, as they can choose the OAuth provider that suits them best or use their existing accounts to log in, simplifying the registration and login process for users and enhancing the user experience.