Role Mapping

1. Enable Role Mapping

  • This feature enables the role mapping capability in the miniOrange Joomla OAuth client plugin, which allows you to link OAuth provider Roles/Groups to Joomla roles. As a result, anytime a user from a specific group or role from the OAuth provider logs into your site, you can easily assign the necessary role on Joomla automatically based on the OAuth provider's roles/groups.

2. Keep Existing Role

  • When the role mapping feature is enabled, the plugin enables users to alter the default role on Joomla each time they log in based on the roles and groups of their OAuth provider. However, after altering the configuration to enable this functionality, the user's current role won't change; instead, a new one will only be added.

3. Do not allow login if roles are not mapped

  • This feature enforces role mapping between the OAuth provider and Joomla roles, making it mandatory for a user to have a corresponding Joomla role in order to log in to the site.
  • For example : If a user with a specific role or group on the OAuth provider attempts to log in to the Joomla site, but that role or group is not mapped to any Joomla role, this plugin will prevent the user from logging in.

4. Default Group

  • This feature enables you to assign a default role to any user who attempts to log in to the Joomla site if no other role has been assigned to them. In other words, if a user logs in and doesn't have any specific roles assigned to them in Joomla, this feature ensures that they are automatically assigned the default role.