How to install Drupal OAuth Client Module

  • Login in your Drupal site’s admin console and click on Extend from the top navigation bar. Click on Install new module button.

    Drupal OAuth client install new module

  • Download the miniOrange OAuth Client Module.

    Drupal Oauth client zip file

  • Upload the downloaded zip file of the module and click on the Install button to Continue.

    Drupal OAuth client upload zip file

  • Click on Enable newly added modules.

    Drupal OAuth client enable newly added module

  • Scroll down to the OAUTH / OPENID CONNECT and select miniOrange OAuth Client. Click on Install button to enable the module.

    Drupal OAuth client select miniorange oauth client module

  • Click on Configurations from the top navigation bar and Select Drupal OAuth Client Configuration.

    DrupalOAuth client configuration