Featured Collection

This section would be a list of "hand-selected" products to lure traffic to your desired priorities. You can arrange the "Featured Collection" section in whatever order you prefer (top or bottom of the page or dispersed throughout the page)

  • Give an appropriate Heading and Description.
  • Set the desired type of collection as your featured one, for example - Knit Collection, by clicking on Change.
  • You can choose the number of products to be displayed by configuring the counter under Maximum products to show.
  • Show second image on hover is self-explanatory, where another image will be displayed when you hover upon a product.
  • On a laptop screen size, 4 products are clearly visible, you can also configure to display a maximum of 8 products on the same screen size.

Featured Collection GIF

Background of Collections' title can be set to any desired image.

Background Image GIF