Backup Codes -

This authentication method is usually used as a backup method when due to some reason the primary 2FA method is not working. For example, suppose a user is using Mobile Authenticator as his 2FA method and after the configuration, the user loses his mobile device. Now at the time of logging in the Atlassian app will ask for the passcode/OTP, but the user doesn’t have access to his mobile. The backup methods play part in such scenarios.

During the 2FA registration, each user gets a set of 15 unique alphanumeric codes which can be used to complete the 2FA verification and get access to the Atlassian application. Each backup code can be used only once. Please note that the downloaded Backup Code must be stored in a secure location to avoid any security threats.

If the “Allow to Reset/Reconfigure 2FA” option is enabled from the admin panel then the end-user can Enable/Disable, change and download another set of backup codes.