miniOrange Two Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) add-on adds a layer of security to the Atlassian application such as JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket Bamboo & Crowd.

We support multiple authentication methods for user validation, like-

  1. TOTP over Mobile Authenticator app
  2. Yubikey Hardware Token(U2F)
  3. OTP over Email
  4. OTP Over SMS
  5. Security Question and Backup Method

The 2FA add-on enforces the users to authenticate themselves multiple times before they can access their Atlassian account. The administrator can enforce 2FA for its users either individually, either based on their assigned groups or based on their IP addresses. Along with multiple authentication methods, miniOrange 2FA add-ons provide various features that are necessary and helpful from the security point of view.

Here are a few of them -

  1. IP Based Restriction
  2. Multiple Backup Method
  3. Audit Logs
  4. Protection against Brute Force Attack
  5. Customizable end-user Templates
  6. 24/7 Support