Algorand Blockchain Configuration

  • Visit miniOrange web3 authentication plugin dashboard, switch to Contract Address Config Tab.

  • Click on Add Token Details, a modal popup will appear.

  • Modal popup have the Following fields:

    • Blockchain: Select the blockchain(Ethereum/Polygon), where your NFT/tokens are minted.

    • Contract Address Name: Give any arbitrary name to this field, let say algo-bullz, now this contract address name will be refer the complete configuration.

    • Algorand Contract Address: Give any arbitrary name to this field, or you can keep it same as Contract Address Name

    • No. of tokens(optional): If you want your user to hold atleast ‘x’ amount of token/nft to access a gated content.
      For e.g, let say x =5, If user want to access the token gated content then user mush atleast 5 tokens/nft to get access

    • Asset Ids : Algorand asset/NFT/tokens are represented by an unique ID called Asset ID, configured all asset IDs for which you want to restrict your content



  • Once all the details have been filled out, click Save and proceed to the next step.

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