NFT Token Gating for WordPress Site

  • NFT Token Gating refers to restricting access to certain websites, services or applications based on the ownership of a token. In this case, Token Gating specifically refers to ownership of NFTs and the subsequent restriction or access of websites relevant to these NFTs.

  • When a user attempts to access a token gated page and connects it to a crypto wallet to do so, he will be redirected to the appropriate page based on the NFTs owned by the user.

  • If the user has those exclusive NFTs, he can access the page; otherwise, he is redirected to the error url entered by the admin.

Step:1 Configure the NFTs

  • Visit miniOrange web3 authentication plugin dashboard, switch to Contract Address Config Tab.


  • Click on Add Token Details, a modal popup will appear.

  • Modal popup have the Following fields:

    Note: If your blockchain is Algorand then please follow this link.

    • Blockchain: Select the blockchain(Ethereum/Polygon/Cronos), where your NFT/tokens are minted.

    • Contract Address Name: Give any arbitrary name to this field, let say space-punk-club, now this contract address name will be refer the complete configuration.

    • Contract Address: Fill the collection address/ contract address of your NFT collection. If you do not have any contract address please click here to know.

    • No. of tokens(optional): If you want your user to hold atleast ‘x’ amount of token/nft to access a gated content.
      For e.g, let say x =5, If user want to access the token gated content then user mush atleast 5 tokens/nft to get access

    • Token Ids(optional) : If you want your user to hold specific NFT, then you can specify the token Id. If you have multiple tokens Ids thent is should be comma(,) separated. For e.g 1,2,3,4,5,6
      If user hold any nft from configured token Id, only then the user will get the access of the token gated page.

    • Loopering API Key : Enter your API Key for loopering blockchain, check how to get loopering API key by clicking here. (This field is only applicable for LOOPERING blockchain.).



Step:2 Apply the configurations to token gate the page

  • Go to NFT Content Restriction tab and click on Add Content Gating Details button.


  • A modal popup will appear on screen. Modal popup have the Following fields:

    • Page URL Regex: Enter the page url that you want to restrict, also you can restrict all the child page of a parent page.
      For e.g let say the page url is https://domain/site-name/parent-page/

      If you configure this as Page URL Regex then all the child page extending this URL will get restricted too.
      https://domain/site-name/parent-page/child-page-3 …. and so on

    • Contract Address Name: Now you can select the contract address Name from the dropdown, it is the same Contract Address Name that we configured in the Contract Address Config tab, and it refers all the configuration correspondence to it.

    • Error URL: If user does not hold any NFT, and tries to access the gated content then where that user should be redirected to. For e.g you can design a customize page that describe that “you do not appropriate to access this page”, also you can provide link to purchase those NFT.

  • Once you configured all the details click on Add button. Likewise, you can add more details.


Step:3 Test the configuration for any wallet address

  • Click on Test Configuration button a modal popup will appear.


  • Enter the wallet address against which you want to test the configurations, also select the respective blockchain and click on submit button.


  • Once you click on the submit button, you will get the configuration for that wallet address results as shown.


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