Post Logout Configurations

This tab allows the admin to define what should be done after the user logs out from the application.

This is very useful

  1. To enhance the logout Page UI: Custom logout Templates can be used to change the message after Logout and show a custom message.
  2. To redirect to the IDP page after logout: Redirecting to your IDP after logout is possible using Custom Logout URL option.

This tab has the following options:

  • Custom Logout URL: The user will be redirected to this URL after logout. This can be any existing URL in the application or outside the application.
  • Custom Logout Template: The user will be redirected to this template after signing out. You can show custom message or action items after the user logs out.

SAML single sign on

  • The template is written in HTML so it’s easy to understand and change. You can edit the logout template as per your requirement.

  • If you add $baseurl in the template, it’ll be replaced by the base URL of your application which allows you to easily add links

SAML single sign on