Remember My Login

Remember My login

The settings in this section allow you to manage how long your end users can stay logged in after the initial successful SSO. After a user successfully performs SSO, a session is created for that user.

This section of the plugin allows you to manage your user’s sessions. The description of each section is given below :

Remember-Me settings

This section allows you to set the Remember-Me cookie. When this option is enabled, a cookie is set in the browser when the user performs SSO. This cookie will allow the user’s session to remain valid until the user explicitly logs out from the application.

The user can switch applications, close the browser or exit the application without logging out. In all these cases the user’s session will remain active, until and unless logout action is performed.

User Session Timeout

The time-out values for user sessions are typically set to some default value, depending on the application. These default values can be increased or decreased according to your convenience. This section will provide you with steps to modify the end-user session’s time-out value.

The default value for this timeout is set to 300, which is 5 hours. You can set it to 0 to keep the user logged in indefinitely.

Note – This default value applies to Jira and Confluence.

These changes will generally have to be done in your application’s configuration files. You will need to restart the application after making these changes.

Admin Session Timeout

Similar to the previous section, this section provides you with steps to modify a user’s session. The difference is here you will be modifying the timeout value for Admin user sessions.

The default value for this timeout is 10 minutes. Lack of activity for more than 10 minutes will end the admin session. On the other-hand, the timeout resets if any admin activity is performed before the session ends.

Note – This default value applies to Jira and Confluence.

Again, these changes will have to be made in you application’s configuration files. In-order to apply the changes you will need to restart your application.