How to Configure Attribute Mapping?

Basic Attribute Mapping

Applies to : All Shopify SSO Plans

Feature Description

The basic attribute mapping contains mapping of First Name, Last Name, Email, and Customer Tag.

Setup Instructions
  • Navigate to Apps >> miniOrange Single Sign On – SSO application.


  • Now go to the Setup IDP section.


  • Follow the steps given here to set up SSO in your Shopify Store using your preferred IDP.

  • After successfully configuring your SAML/OAuth/OpenID application, click on the “Test Configuration” button present on the Shopify SSO application dashboard.


  • You will be shown a table containing the user attributes. You can use the values in the “Attribute Mapping” section of the application to map the attributes.

  • You can map FirstName, LastName, Email, and Customer Tag in this section. So that attributes received from your SAML / OAuth / OpenID provider will be mapped to the Shopify Store user profile. Simply add the appropriate values shown below:


Custom (Advance) Attribute Mapping

Applies to : Scale or Higher plans

Feature Description

The advanced attribute mapping contains Phone Number, Address, Location, etc.

Custom attribute mapping allows you to map extra user profile attributes from a SAML / OAuth / OpenID provider into your Shopify Store user profiles according to your needs at the time of SSO. Contact us at to enable this feature on your Shopify Store.