Metafield Mapping

Applies to : Growth or Higher plan

Feature Description

Metafields are additional customizable fields that can be added to a variety of Shopify entities, including products, variants, collections, customers, orders, and others.

Setup Instructions
  • Navigate to Apps >> miniOrange Single Sign On – SSO application.

    navigate to Shopify SSO application

  • Choose your IDP setup Guide from here to set up SSO in your Shopify Store.

  • After successfully configuring your SAML/OAuth/OpenID application, you will be redirected to Test Connection step. Please perform Test Connection before mapping or fetching attributes, test connection ensures that your IDP configuration is correct.

  • Click on the Test Connection button.

    shopify sso test connection

  • On entering valid IDP credentials you will see a pop-up window which is shown in the below screen.

    Enter Valid IDP Credentials

  • Click on the Fetch Attributes button to fetch IDP attribute.

    Fetch IDP Attributes in Shopify

  • Navigate to Metafield Based Mapping section and click on the + Attribute Mapping button to map metafield attributes between Shopify and your IDP.

    Map Metafield Attribute in Shopify

  • Prove the Metafield Namespace, Metafield Key, and Metafield Type that you have configured in Shopify Metafield. Select the Attribute Type as IDP Attribute and fill the Attribute Value field with the attribute value you obtained from your IDP.

    Add Metafield Attribute in Shopify Admin

    Save Metafield Attributes Configurations

  • Click on Save.