Protect Complete Store with SSO

Applies to : All Shopify SSO Plans

Feature Description

Protect Complete Store with SSO allows you to limit access to your Shopify Store to only logged-in users. Any user who attempts to access any of your Shopify store's pages will be redirected to the password page.

Setup Instructions

You should have enabled password protection on your shopify store. Follow the steps given below to enable this feature:

  • You need to get a storefront_digest cookie for configuring the complete store with OTP Verification.

  • Go to your Shopify store. Right click on your mouse and click on Inspect option.


  • Now navigate to Application section and then select Cookie option in left menu. Select your store and search for Storefront_digest. Copy this Value.


  • Navigate to Apps >> miniOrange Single Sign On – SSO application.


  • Go to Advanced Settings >> Store Access Settings >> Complete Store Protection section and paste the storefront_digest cookie value in the Store Token section as shown in below image.


  • Click on the Save button.

  • Now go to https://< your-store-domain >/password and click on Enter using Password in the top right corner.


  • After that Click on the SSO Login widget to initiate the SSO.