Block SSO based on attributes from Shopify

Applies to : Growth or Higher plans

Feature Description

This feature involves controlling access to your Shopify store based on certain criteria or attributes associated with user accounts.

Shopify user attributes may include things like customer tags, customer groups, or email addresses, etc.
For instance, you might create tags like "AllowedSSO" and "BlockedSSO" to distinguish between users who can and cannot use SSO.

Setup Instructions
  • Navigate to Apps >> miniOrange Single Sign On – SSO application.


  • Now go to the Setup IDP section.


  • Navigate to the Additional Settings section in the application dashboard and enable the Block SSO based on attributes from the Shopify option.

  • Click on the + icon and add an attribute as shown in the below image.


  • If the attribute name from Shopify matches the blocked attribute value, the user will be redirected to the blocked page after they SSO into the Shopify Store.

  • Click on Save.

For example, if the Blocked attribute name is “tag” and its value is “NotAllowed”, then all customers with an assigned tag “NotAllowed” will be redirected to the blocked page after they perform SSO to the Shopify Store.