Auto-Redirect to IDP

Applies to : Scale or Higher plans

Feature Description

With this feature you can restrict the complete store or the Login Page of your Shopify Store from non-logged-in users.

Auto-redirect users to the SSO provider's login page when they try to access the store. Users will be forced to do Single Sign-On (SSO) before accessing your Shopify Store.

Setup Instructions
  • Navigate to Apps >> miniOrange Single Sign On – SSO application.


  • Now navigate to the Upgrade Plan section in the left menu and click on the Upgrade Button under the Scale Plan.


Enable Extension

  • Go to the Setup IDP section. Scroll down and enable the Auto-Redirect to IDP feature.


  • Choose whether you want to enable this feature on the “Complete Store” or only on the "Login Page".


  • Click on Save.

  • To enable the extension click ok the click here button as shown in the below image.


  • Enable the Auto Redirect To IDP option and click on Save.


  • If you are an Existing Customer and using this feature before Jan 2024, then follow the step given below:

  • Navigate to Online Store >> Themes. Click on the Three Dots and then click on Edit Code option.

  • Now go to theme.liquid file and delete the whole line from <!-- miniOrange SCRIPT START --> to <!-- miniOrange SCRIPT END -->. Click on Save.

  • Do the same in password.liquid file. and click on Save.

Example 1: If you choose the Login Page option, the user will have access to all pages of your Shopify store. If they try to access the Shopify store Login page then they will be redirected to the IDP Login page. They will be logged in to the Shopify store after successfully authenticating in IDP.

Example 2: If you select the Complete Store option, any user who tries to access any page on your Shopify store will be redirected to the IDP Login page. After successful authentication, they will be redirected back to Shopify and will be logged in.