Shopify Single Sign-On (SSO) Login


Shopify Single Sign-On allows users to SSO into your Shopify Store (Plus & Non-plus) with integration protocols such as SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, JWT, API authentication, etc. for different IDPs like Okta, ADFS, Azure AD, Azure B2C, Onelogin, AWS Cognito, GSuite/Google Apps, etc. or any Custom Identity provider along with MFA features.

Know More About How SSO Works in Shopify
You can visit our blog to learn more about what SSO is and how SSO works in Shopify!!
Setup Guidelines:
You can check all Identity providers (IDPs) setup guidelines on this page.
You can check the detailed description & setup instructions of all features included in this application below.


  • A Shopify Store has the Shopify SSO application installed on it.
  • Download the Shopify SSO Application from here.
  • Contact us at if you are facing any issues in adding the application to your Shopify Store.