Login Options

  • This feature allows you to use OAuth login widget/link/shortcode anywhere on your website with option to customize Login Button custom CSS.


  • To add the widget to your website, you can navigate to Appearance -> Widgets
  • Find miniOrange OAuth in the available widgets.
  • Drag the Widget to a suitable place.
  • You can then find the Widget on this place.
  • To initiate Login, just click on this widget.


  • To use the shortcode, you can edit any page where you want to display the login widget.

  • Scroll to your desired place and the place the shortcode [mo_oauth_login] in your page.

    You can add parameters in your shortcode to tailor the user experience based on what you offer.

    The supported parameters are:

    • redirect_url: After users complete the sso, you can use this option to redirect them to the given URL.
      [mo_oauth_login redirect_url=”https://www.example.com/”]
      When users sign in to your wordpress website after performing sso, they will be redirected to example.com.

    • appname: This field determines which oauth provider will be used for SSO.
      [mo_oauth_login appname=”exampleoauthprovider”]
      The users will be redirected to ‘exampleoauthprovider’ login page to perform SSO.

    (Note: You can use both the parameters while using the shortcode “eg. [mo_oauth_login redirect_url=”https://www.example.com/” appname=”exampleoauthprovider”]” )

To know more about the customization of the login buttons, please refer Login button Customization section.

  • You can also use a link to login via your OAuth/OpenID provider.

  • This link is in the format:


    Where <your-wordpress-site> is your WP domain, <application-name> is the application that would be created in the OAuth Client plugin on WordPress, and <redirect-url-of-your-wordpress-site> will be the WP site link where the user will be redirected after the SSO.

  • To know how to get the application name, please refer the Misc. Section for How to get the application name?
    For Example: If your domain is miniorange.com, your application name is OAuthApplication and redirect url is https://miniorange.com/single-sign-on-sso this link would look like: