If you're setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Salesforce, you might come across some error codes. We've compiled a list of these error codes and their corresponding solutions to help you troubleshoot any issues that may come up during the process. So, refer to this table to fix any problems you may face while setting up SSO with Salesforce.

Error Description
access_denied This error occurs when you decline the user consent form after entering your credentials in the Salesforce login form. To resolve this, you can simply accept the consent form the next time you attempt to perform Test Configuration or initiate Single Sign-On (SSO).
invalid_client_credentials This error occurs when either the Client Secret is invalid or the Get User Info Endpoint is not valid. To confirm the client secret, please follow this step. Additionally, to check the validity of the Get User Info endpoint, please refer to this step.
invalid_client_id This error occurs when the Client ID is configured incorrectly. To confirm the client ID, please follow this step.
redirect_uri_mismatch This error occurs when an incorrect Callback URL is configured in the Salesforce application. To resolve this issue, please refer to the this step to enter the correct Callback URL.
OAUTH_APPROVAL_ERROR_GENERIC : An unexpected error has occured during authentication. Please try again. This error occurs when the correct Scopes are not configured in the plugin or Salesforce application. You can refer to this step to configure the appropriate scopes in the plugin or Salesforce application.
URL No Longer Exists This error occurs when the authorization endpoint or token endpoint is not configured correctly. To confirm the endpoints, please refer to these steps. Additionally, ensure that you have correctly configured the Salesforce domain to avoid any potential issues.