Add Ons

This section includes all the add-ons available in the WP SAML SSO Plugin. These add-ons provide added functionality to the SSO solution, which isn’t otherwise inherently present in the plugin itself. They can be availed at no additional cost with the All-InclusiveTM plan of the WP SAML SSO plugin, and also include integration with popular 3rd party plugins like Learndash, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Memberpress, Paid Membership Pro, etc, and ready-to-use solutions for User Sync and more!

1. SCIM User Provisioning

  • The SCIM User Provisioning add-on enables automation of the process of provisioning / deprovisioning of user identities. It is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that includes management and maintenance of an end user’s identity and user attributes in relation to accessing resources available in one or more systems.
  • The Identity provider (IDP), which contains user identities and a Service Provider (SP) is usually a SaaS app, like your WordPress site, that needs this set of information from those user identities from the IDP. When changes to the user identities are made in the IDP, including create, update, and delete, they are automatically synced to the SP according to the SCIM protocol. This allows increased security and reduced costs by eliminating the possibility of idle user accounts and unauthorized information access.

2. Page and Post Restriction

The Page and Post Restriction add on restricts pages and page content to users based on their WordPress roles and login status. This can be done by specifying those user roles which can access them. The plugin also allows you to restrict specific or all pages/posts from being accessed by the users which are not logged in. The plugin provides an option to redirect restricted users to a different URL, or show an appropriate message to them, or redirect to the configured Identity Provider (IDP) Login page. It also provides an option for restricted access to default and custom posts of a specific category.

3. LearnDash Integrator

The LearnDash Integrator allows you to map the user groups present in your IDP to the Learndash groups at the time of the SSO. This enables you to configure and assign specific courses for every user group. The integrator allows you to map the Learndash groups based on any attribute sent by the Identity Provider.

4. BuddyPress / BuddyBoss Integrator

The BuddyPress / BuddyBoss Integrator allows you to map the user attributes sent by your IDP at the time of the SSO, to the BuddyPress user profile attributes.

5. MemberPress Integrator

The MemberPress Integrator will map the SSO users to MemberPress Membership levels as per the attributes sent by your Identity Provider. It also allows you to configure different membership levels according to different configured IDPs that you might have, whilst enabling default level mapping for certain user groups sent by the IDP.

6. SSO Login Audit

The SSO Login Audit add-on captures all of your users performing the SSO into your WordPress site and generates the login audit reports for the same. This allows you to monitor all login and registration activity on your website, and also collect all the vital information like IP address, login time, etc. The add-on also has in-built advanced search filters which allows you to keep track of every user logging into your site with the help of advanced search filters.

7. Guest Login

The Guest Login add-on allows you to handle guest/anonymous logins without having to create their user accounts in WordPress at the time of accessing the website. This add-on provide different options like using the PHP session or the browser cookies to authorize the user so the site can be accessed without creating the user in WordPress. This allows you to log in your users to the WordPress site using their IdP credentials via SSO without creating the users on the site.

8. WooCommerce Integrator

The WooCommerce Integrator allows you to map the user attributes sent by your IDP to the WooCommerce checkout page fields for enhanced user experience. It also enables you to configure and map different user groups to different roles within WooCommerce based on their user group attribute in your IDP.

9. PaidMembership Pro Integrator

The Paid Membership Pro Integrator maps the user groups to the appropriate Membership levels within your Paid Membership Pro installation. With this, you can map the IdP group information of your users to the Paid Membership Pro groups / Membership levels during SSO. This also allows you to configure membership level assignments for multiple configured Identity Providers.

10. Federation Single Sign-On

The Federation Single Sign-On add-on enables SSO login through federated identity providers with SAML authentication for your WordPress sites. It allows you to set up one-click SSO with some of the most popular federation services like HAKA, HKAF, and Incommon, etc and work with all federation-supported IdPs like Shibboleth, Ping, etc.

11. WP-Members Integrator

WP-Members Integrator maps the user attributes fetched from your Identity Provider with Members attributes. This enables you to map the IdP user attributes to your user attributes in Members.

12. Prevent File Access / Media Restriction

The Media Restriction add-on prevents file/folder access to unauthorized users on your WordPress site. With this, you can restrict any kind of media files such as images, audio, videos, documents, etc, or restrict selected files of a particular extension. This add-on allows you to protect any form of media with any media extension like png, pdf, jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, etc without having you to worry about such trivial details.

13. Profile Picture Mapping

The Profile Picture Mapping add-on allows you to map the profile picture sent from your IDP in user attributes to your WordPress profile picture or avatar.

14. SSO Session Management

The SSO Session Management add-on helps to manage the session login time for your users based on their roles in WordPress. Generally when a user performs the SSO, the login/session token remains alive only for a set amount of time, and this can then be used to log the user back in without their credentials being explicitly re-entered, within the expiry of the token. The Session Management add-on allows you to configure how long you want your users to stay logged in your WordPress site when they perform SSO login. - It also allows you to enable session remembering on your site, which remembers the user login even after the browser is closed.

15. Attribute Based Redirection

The Attribute-based Redirection add-on enables you to restrict and redirect users to different URLs based on IdP attributes.. This is done by specifying those particular user roles for whom the restriction or redirection is to be applied. In addition, you can define custom rules for Attribute-based redirection as well as restriction.

  • It provides an option of redirection to a custom page for the restricted users, after login or users restriction on the bases of attributes in the IDP response, after login. This add-on’s capabilities can also be applied to attributes residing in the WordPress custom table instead of the metadata.

For more information visit our WordPress SSO page.