Domain Restriction

This feature can restrict or allow user access to the WordPress site based on the domain of their email address.

Allow/Deny user login based on email domain
  • Control access to the WordPress site by specifying email domains for authorized users or unauthorized users.

How to enable/disable Domain Restriction?

Follow the steps below to enable or disable the Domain Restriction feature:

  • In miniOrange SAML 2.0 SSO plugin navigate to Attribute/Role Mapping >> Role Mapping subtab.

  • Enable the toggle Allow/Deny user login based on email domain.

  • Enter the email domains separated by semicolon (;) in the fields.

  • Select an option Allow or Deny for which you want to allow or restrict your WordPress site access.

  • Click on Save button.

Domain Restriction in Premium plugin v12.1.8 and above

Note - All above configuration steps and images are valid for Premium plugin v12.2.0 and above.

Advantages of Domain Restriction

  • Enables you to allow access to only a specified company domain.

  • You can control user access when multiple users exist in your Identity Provider but you want to allow only users with certain domains.