Why would you use Browser Blocking?

Browser Blocking is a pretty useful feature as –
  • Browser hijacking is a very serious security issue. Attackers continuously find vulnerabilities in a web browser and using that vulnerability in the browser they try to attack your website.

  • There could be a case where attackers use particular browsers to attack your website using the defects in some browser’s scripting defects.

  • Some essential functions of your website do not work on a particular browser.

  • Maybe your website uses some CSS or some scripting language that works only on particular browsers. In that case, you may need to block certain browsers.

I want to restrict my users to access the website from a particular browser/browsers.

  • Click on the miniOrange 2-factor plugin and enable 2FA and Network Security features.

  • Go to the Advanced Blocking tab.

  • Scroll Down to Country blocking Under Advanced Blocking

  • Scroll down to Browser Blocking and click on the following enable browser blocking button.

  • Now Select the Browsers you want to block and click on the Save configuration button.

  • Whenever someone tries to access your website using a blocked browser will be shown this page.